Technological innovation is the key to core competitiveness

Release time: 2021-11-12 11:03

【Summary Description】 Our group believes that in the information age of economic globalization, informatization will become the only way for small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, and e-commerce will become the key path for enterprises to achieve informatization. Therefore, our group will continue to focus on promoting the e-commerce and informatization process of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, continuously innovate, launch more and better services, create intelligent Chinese enterprises, and achieve smart entrepreneurs!

1. Fill in the Application form for Franchisees. 
2. Submit the form to the company for application and the following documents at the same time:
3. The applicant’s business license, code certificate, tax registration certificate, the legal representative’s original ID card and scanned copy;
4. Copy of the legal representative’s ID card;
5. Local economic situation, consumption habits, etc.;

6. Local city (county) map (labeled with the store’s location);
7. The store lease agreement; copy of the store’s property ownership certificate;
8. Regional representative shall make a filed visit, assessment and evaluation and then report to the headquarters.
9. Headquarter representative rechecks the above documents and applies for approval after verification.
10. The franchisee pays credit margin. 

11. After the bankroll arrives, the headquarters shall authorize the applicant as an official franchised store, and then the franchisee relationship is established.
12. The franchisee selects a site, reports for decoration (the company will send specialist to guide the franchisee to decorate the store according to the company’s unified image design), and handles registrations in the industrial and commercial department, tax bureau, etc.
13. After the store decoration is completed, the company’s market department or regional representative shall make product series and configuration design based on the franchisee’s regional characteristics and the amount of deposit payment.

14. The franchisee submits the opening plan. The company delivers products for the franchisee; the franchisee signs for the goods and enters the products; the company sends specialists to give guidance on goods display and opening preparation.
15. The headquarters sends special personnel to assist with the franchised store to start business.
16. After the opening of the franchised store, the company will regularly or irregularly provide post-maintenance and guidance for the franchised store.